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We are a full service embroidery and heat application shop specializing in custom embellishment. Our services include the apparel and embellishment. As a Veteran-Owned Organization, Belavistal is operated with an attention-to-detail approach. Our hope is to help you decorate apparel to create lasting memories of your organization, career, sporting events, children, family, and more.



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Our Services

Apparel, Caps, & Bags

Belavistal has strategic relationships with most of the nation’s top wholesale groups and many specialty suppliers as well. Please visit our brands page to understand specifics. Alternatively, we can help you select apparel based on our experiences.


Embroidery is an artistic expression through embellished apparel. Belavistal was founded on embroidery services. We use commercial well-maintained equipment. Our experience and out-of-box thinking produces beautifully decorated apparel, caps, and bags.

Screen Print & Heat Applied Decoration

Heat applied decorations brings a new dimension to the look of an embellished garment. Belavistal uses traditional screen printed transfers, premium vinyls, leather, and unique liquid embroidery (FlexStyle) products. From the basic one color T-shirt to a complex multicolor design, heat applications are a great way to express your school, business, team, or cause.

Team & Fundraising Web Stores

Coming from an educator household, Belavistal has a keen focus on schools and school organizations. Fundraising is the lifeline for many school programs; however, the logistics of fundraising is difficult and time consuming. The process with Belavistal is different. Our team will build a complete internet store including everything from procurement, decoration, marketing, billing, shipping, and local delivery. The school/organization will receive a pre-negotiated commission per item sold.

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Customer Testimonials

Belavistal’s shirts for the Marching Bucs trombone section last season were extraordinary! We had ideas for the shirts appearance, but the final product was even better than what we expected! The shirts are not only great quality, but the designs are colorful and unique.
EmTrombone Section Leader
Beautiful work done on our CTE departmental shirts. Belavistal delivered a great finished product.
JenniferEHS CTE Staff
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Amanda Lee
Amanda LeeCEO